In order to gain business, the use of mobile communications is a new and exciting concept connecting brands and customers directly.

The WeChat official account allows businesses to post messages immediately. These notifications are sent directly to a user’s mobile device through WeChat. We help you create your updates by collecting and sorting information based on your existing brand needs and other people’s information to post on your social networks.

We will also make sure you have regular updates which can create conversation and keep your audience interested. It is most effective if the updates either educate, entertain, and/or inform.


Welcome Message
Every new follower will get a personal welcome message when they choose to follow a brand’s account. A nice welcoming message is very important.

Message Auto-Reply
There will then be a reply to the users with a pre-set message after they send a message to a brand’s account.

Keyword Auto-Reply

Brands are also able to set auto-reply messages for certain keywords. For each keyword, an auto-reply message is designed so if a user sends that keyword, they will receive the preset auto-reply message. These “keyword auto-reply” messages can be also be used for various group events.


We help brands design personal Interactive Menus. We are able to create up to three menus and with each of those three menus, there can be up to five sub-menus. Brands may also show up to fifteen menu options which can send either a card or open a link. The advantages of the customized menu are that you can display features in very commonly visited places directly and followers are able to understand how to interact with the brand’s WeChat account.


Your new WeChat followers can also find your locations directly within the WeChat app. Promoting already existing stores or promoting new areas can be done on this “Location Search” on WeChat for you.


There are a number of ways you can add fans. One way is to have the QR Code of your brand shown on all purchase materials. Your consumers will then scan your unique QR Code. Some of the incentives for your customers to scan your QR code to receive the top promotions, discounts, gifts, or free WiFi pass codes.

Also, adding a QR Code on the packaging is another good way to advertise your brand. You can put up postings to promote your WeChat actions which will help others learn more about your brand.

WeChat Card

You can get coupons, member cards, air tickets, movie tickets on official accounts, apps, and offline stores, and save them in Card Pack for later use.


We also create unique websites about your brand which are also available for mobile devices and accessible on WeChat. The client can get to know everything about your company while on WeChat.


WeChat’s all inclusive e-commerce website from a third
platform with WeChat’s Payment Integration points to WeChat Sub-Menus.

Followers can click sub-menus in order to see products and make payment.


You also can make those who are followers become members by using WeChat membership functions. These functions help to create loyalty programs allowing individuals to make their membership cards team up with the users by using their phone number or WeChat ID. This makes it possible for the brands to highlight sales promotions to specific sections of consumers.

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Collecting Customer Feedback
  • Post-Purchase Communication
  • Direct Messaging with Followers


We help you with creating WeChat incentives to make brands known and to create a connection between online and offline.

  • WeChat Coupon Code
  • WeChat Scratch Card
  • WeChat Lucky Draw
  • WeChat Game
  • WeChat Golden Egg
  • WeChat Gambling Machine
  • WeChat Shake Shake
  • WeChat Photo Sharing


We help you do business online in a more creative and effective way.

  • WeChat Appointment
  • WeChat Vote
  • WeChat Survey
  • WeChat Message Borad
  • WeChat Greeting Card
  • WeChat Community
  • WeChat Reservation
  • WeChat E-Flyer


  • WeChat Interactive Event Wall
  • WeChat Shake Shake